The 39 Clues: Unstoppable Books 1-3 recap

SPOILER ALERT!!! (But then again all posts should have a SPOILER ALERT!!!)

It came as a shock at first but J. Rutherford Pierce has the serum and has used it for nefarious methods and Amy and Dan need an antidote in 2 weeks.

Amy’s heart is broken. Should Jake say with her and Dan or should she break up with Jake?

Dan considers quitting his Cahill duties and running away with Atticus but wants to wait until Pierce is stopped, but he is captured by Pierce’s men.

Nellie searches for the one who assembled the serum and hires a hacker.

Sammy let the serum slip out of the Cahill’s hands, and is imprisoned by Pierce.

Pony hacks and protects all the Cahill’s secrets but dies to save Dan and Amy.

Ian Kabra is back and grieving the death of his sister and is helping the Cahills and will do anything to help the Cahills.

Jake & Atticus Rosenbloom are going against their father because they want to help their best friends.

Hamilton Holt is putting his Olympic training on hold to help his cousins.

Jonah Wizard is there, going to all ends to stop Pierce and is having trouble to be famous and the Paparazzi.

Pierce is feeding his children the serum, but his daughter doubts him.

Debi Ann is a Starling and is married to J. Rutherford Pierce but their marriage is tense.

Cara is Pierce’s daughter but discovered the serum and becomes greedy.

Galt is Pierce’s protege and is clueless to what his father is doing.


Really, Unstoppable has been a pretty good series despite it being the THIRD SERIES with another to come. Pierce being a new villain is a good lesson to not always believe the press and it’s even smarter than the Vespers. J.Rutherford Pierce’s henchmen are the most scary people in this series. Jonah has begun to slip into irrelevance and could leave the series and no one would really care.

The back stories of the Cahills: Amy & Dan

Amy & Dan were 7 & 4 when a fire destroyed their homes. Seven years later, their only other kind family member, Grace dies from cancer and leaves some certain family members an option between 1,000,000 dollars or a clue in a incredible prize. Taking the clue, they soon realize that their parents were murdered and that they were part of a branch and there was more evil other than their own family.